Sri Lanka is a tailor made country for aquaculture with year round optimum temperature, environment, and climatic conditions to culture economically important shrimp, crab, and fish. Its an island with vast coastal resources, an Exclusive Economic Area five times larger than its land mass and consistently supportive government policies.

Aqua ‘N Green Ltd possesses in depth knowledge and multiple years of experience in the aquaculture industry in Sri Lanka. We are responsible for many firsts, such as the introduction of Asian Sea bass farming and breeding to the country, and our contributions in black tiger shrimp breeding. 

Under this backdrop ANG is actively looking for collaborations and partnerships by way of investment opportunities to further enhance aquaculture in Sri Lanka and integrate with our seafood processing  infrastructure. 


ANG is a socially responsible seafood and aquaculture company. We extend our corporate social responsibility towards fishing families to uplift their living standard. The introduction of sustainable environmentally friendly fish farming models suitable to small holder fish farmers, especially lagoon users, as an alternate livelihood is a solution to minimize over fishing in the lagoons and thus minimize pressures on sensitive coastal ecosystems. ANG has engaged in multiple community based aquaculture development programs supported by USAID, GTZ, IUCN and the Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources in Sri Lanka. Through cooperation with the local community, and a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge, ANG is leading the way in moving fisheries in Sri Lanka in a sustainable direction.